Eligibility criteria 
Application procedure 
Scheme features 
1. What are the salient terms of the loan?

The loan is offered at a fixed amount of RM5,000 per household for purchase of 5,000 Amanah Saham 1Malaysia (AS 1Malaysia)I units. The unique feature of the Scheme allows participants to repay only the minimu amount over 60 monthly installments. The loan tenure is 5 years.

2. Is early settlement allowed?

Early settlement of the loan is not allowed. However, prepayments by participants are allowed.

3. What happens if a participant of this Scheme is not able to pay his monthly payment?

A participant who misses three consecutive monthly payments will be disqualified from the Scheme programme. Participants would only receive AS 1Malaysia units equivalent to the amount that had been paid plus the entitled incentive payments.

4. What happens if a participant dies during the programme?

The deceased participant will be automatically disqualified from the Scheme. The beneficiary of the estate of the deceased participant may claim the AS 1Malaysia units of the deceased, equivalent to the amount of monthly payments paid. Participation in the Scheme is not transferable.

5. What happens at the end of the loan period?

Participants would receive AS 1Malaysia units equivalent to the amount of monthly payments paid during the tenure of the loan plus the accumulated monthly incentives, should the incentives are not withdrawn from participant's account. Participants may retain and increase their personal investment in AS 1Malaysia (subject to fund allocation).

IThe Master Prospectus of funds of ASNB dated 30 June 2017, has been registered with the Securities Commission Malaysia. Before investing, investors are advised to read and understand the content of the Prospectus and the Product Highlights Sheets which are available at ASNB’s website www.asnb.com.my and also at any ASNB branches and its agents. Units will be issued upon receipt of the registration form referred to and accompanying the Prospectus. Before investing, kindly consider the fees and charges involved. Unit prices and distribution payable, if any, may go down as well as up. Investors are also advised to consider the inherent risk of investing in the funds and other general risk as elaborated in the Prospectus. The past performance of a fund should not be taken as indicative of its future performance.
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